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Building and Investing


Be a part of our Venture Builder program, which is designed to transform ideas and projects into highly scalable companies.


Join UNION Capital Investors Hub and invest in the highest potential and qualified deal flow generated by the Union Venture Builder program.

Why a Venture Builder?


Venture Builders are experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders who have a deep understanding of the startup and venture building landscape. Providing valuable guidance, mentorship, and support to the founders and ensuring that the ventures are strategically positioned for success.


Access to a range of resources and networks that can help support the growth and development of ventures including funding, expertise, talent, customers, and other key assets that are critical to the success of a startup.


A collaborative and supportive environment fosters innovation and helps accelerate the growth of ventures. It can include access to co-working space, mentorship and guidance from experienced entrepreneurs, and a range of other resources and support that can help founders succeed.

Members and Community

Ecosystem of Knowledge and Experience
The team of experts assigned specifically to match the requirements and characteristics of each project or startup, uses their experience and knowledge in order to test, validate and assist the founders on the program is best way to optimise product market feet and credible execution framework for the venture.

Our Startups

Sustainable and automated platform to produce CO2 emissions free concerts and events.


Carbon offset monitoring and measurement platform for forest owners.

Solutions and devices for hospital care innovation.

Software and device products for monitoring and quality of life in the senior segment.