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Backing exceptional founders who are innovating and disrupting the world through sustainable technological startups.

Our Startups

Ihcare is a company focused on solving the problem of bedridden patient hygiene, having developed an integrated solution that allows the delivery of a warm, sterile running water in-bed shower and guaranteeing environmental sterility between showers, reducing Hospital Acquired Infections, time and resource usage while improving comfort and medical outcomes.


SaaS tool for management and prediction of carbon emissions in the events sector with smart technology to predict, manage, reduce and report in real-time.

CO2offset is a company with the mission to address Global Warming by promoting carbon capture using trees and forests. To this end, they have developed a novel method to determine the amount of carbon captured in a given forest area, both in trees and subsoil, that is fast, cheap, reliable and recognized by certification authorities. This allows the issuing of carbon credits that monetise the carbon capture forest ecoservice, creating an economic incentive for forest owners to keep and care for their forests.

Senior Support is an intelligent assistant platform that assists the family in the care of their dependent elderly relative and enhances the integration of all available devices for monitoring biometric data, surveillance and control like smart home devices, in an ecosystem to support families.

Water Wise System is a Smart Water Grid Management System based on Artificial Intelligence for water networks monitoring and management, optimizing, reducing non-revenue water, real losses due to leaks, bursts, and abnormal consumption due to fraud.

FAMEL is the cool green mobility solution to meet customers’ eco-responsibility and individuality expression aspirations,through tailored individual multiple customized electric vehicles, and participation in a digital community.

Wemovit is a smart fitness platform that explores individual biometric data, obtained in real time, with the purpose of helping users reach peak performance.