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Make Wiser Choices with Union Capital for Higher Quality Investments.

At Union Capital, we believe in investing smarter, not harder. Our investment hub provides the resources and expertise to make informed decisions and optimize your portfolio for success.

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Leveraging PT2030, Grants and Incentives for Investment Opportunities

July 04th 2024

Union Capital Investors Hub is a community of like-minded investors who are committed to achieving their financial goals through smart and informed investment decisions. Our Investors Hub provides members with exclusive access to a curated selection of investment opportunities, as well as expert guidance and support from our team of investment professionals.

Members of Union Capital gain exclusive access to a curated selection of investment opportunities, expert guidance and support from our team of investment professionals, and participation in our community and industry growth events involving relevant members of the ecosystem.

Capital Events and Talks
Events that promote community and industry growth, with the participation of relevant members of the ecosystem.
Qualified Deal Flow
The most promissing cutting edge tech startups through qualified venture builder program
Private Investor Sessions
Exclusive access to private investment sessions to meet founders and teams of projects ready to be funded and executed

Venture Builders Model

Testing and Validation

Taking the project from the ideation level to a market-oriented model.

Execution Framework

Building an operational, financial, sales and marketing plan as well as a detailed go-to-market strategy.

Continuous Support
Experience based mentoring and advisoring plan to support the startup management and evolution for a clear growth pathway.

Venture Builder Partners

UNION Venture Builder

Program designed and executed by a team of business and market experts and developed to transform ideas and projects into companies with high investment potential.

Venture Planet

An innovative ecosystem to support entrepreneurs in the early-stage of the development of their ideas, mainly startups with highly scalable tech disruptive concepts.

HealthTech Lisboa

HealthTech Lisboa is a Venture Builder, specialized in healthtech industry founded by a small group of entrepreneurs and Portuguese organizations

UNION Investment Vehicles

U-Capital ONE

U-Capital ONE Invest in the most promising Tech startups, via proprietary security token, UCO.

U-Capital R&D

Specifically developed vehicle to finance the initial stage of the most breakthrough R&D projects.


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