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We believe that sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. We are dedicated to supporting visionary founders who are creating innovative solutions that have a positive impact on the world. Whether it’s through cutting-edge technology, or environmental sustainability, we are committed to backing founders who are working to make a difference.

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Are you building a startup to change the world?

UNION Venture Builder is a program designed and executed by a team of business and market experts and developed to transform ideas and projects into companies with high investment potential.

UNION Venture Builders Model

Partnering with the most exceptional founders to build the companies of the future. With our unique program you will be challenged to take your idea to the next level. The best ones will get investment.

Testing and Validation

Taking the project from the ideation level to a market-oriented model.

Execution Framework

Building an operational, financial, sales and marketing plan as well as a detailed go-to-market strategy.

Best Suited Funding

The right funding and investment plan to ensure the startup sustainable growth.

How It Works

Get access to a tested venture builder framework developed to transform each startup into a structured and sustainable business, ready to be invested.
6/8 Weeks Work Plan
6 Invited Experts
6 Key Areas
18 Focus Sections
Execution Oriented Framework

Members and Community

Ecosystem of Knowledge and Experience

The team of experts assigned specifically to match the requirements and characteristics of each project or startup, uses their experience and knowledge in order to test, validate and assist the founders on the program is best way to optimise product market feet and credible execution framework for the venture.